Tales of Transformation


“I am so grateful to Mara for sharing her gift of coaching with me. She created a sacred place for me to be honest with myself and open to healing. Before our session, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of negative thoughts and feelings. She guided me to the surface gently, knowingly and compassionately. I walked away from our session with a new awareness of my mind and body and plan for moving forward. Do not hesitate to reach out to her. She is a path towards healing.”

— Andrea, Pennsylvania

“I had hoped my sessions with Mara would help me refine my career path. Thanks to her extraordinary skills and feeling for what needs attention, I have actually benefited deeply in many dimensions. Mara is able to get to the heart of things and connect with me where I am at a given stage. She is fearless in taking on difficult issues, but approaches them with sensitivity and a rare insight—as a result I could see a way forward on the most challenging personal topics that impact not just my career but my sense of well being.”

— BJ, Pennsylvania

“I worked with Mara for several months to help me recover from a physical injury. Through our work together in mindfulness and body awareness, I was able to shift into continuous improvement and healing. Mara has a very gentle, intuitive style. The techniques she used led me to uncover the emotional ties connected to my situation and discover how to mentally shift toward creating a positive mind-body connection. She helped me put the concepts I was trying to create into practice. It is awesome to see intentions materialize toward well-being. If you desire to make a breakthrough and are motivated to do the work, Mara knows the path to get there!”

— Mary, Pennsylvania

“This session was brilliant! I can’t believe how many little questions it is starting to answer for me. I can’t wait to work with you again! Thanks!”

— Darla, New Jersey

“Mara taught me how mindfulness and body awareness help us get in touch with our intuition. She advised me to trust the wisdom that came forth. The answers I found surprised me. If you’re looking to unlock your own creativity and energy, Mara can help!”

— Lisa, France

“Mara is intuitive and can pick up on what people are feeling sometimes more so then they can. She knows how to use this skill to help her clients find solutions that are aligned with their goals or to help them through roadblocks. She clears the path for them.”

— Maria, Pennsylvania

“Working with Mara proved to be a wonderful help to me. She was always very present and met me where I was emotionally. She helped me figure out where I want to go in my life and opened my thinking to include my body’s cues to guide me. Thank you so much Mara!”

— Andrea, New Jersey

“Mara made being coached both easy and exciting. The exercises and tools she taught me have been helpful in breaking habitual thoughts and feelings, some of which I wasn’t even aware of. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I just wanted to thank you again for the coaching we’ve done.”

— Josh, Michigan

“Mara is incredible. Her presence, her ability to listen, and her guiding me through complex thoughts and emotions was truly inspirational. I look forward to continuing to work with her!”

— Rebecca, Georgia

“I connected with Mara instantly. Her warm spirit and calming nature made me feel relaxed and safe trusting intimate details of my life with her. She is deeply respectful of the process of coaching, as well as the uniqueness of each of our journeys. Especially for mind-body coaching and guidance in finding your sacred space, Mara is your coach!”

— Ann, Ohio

“Mara is open, grounded, accepting, a loving spirit, and has a genuineness with a great sense of humor to boot. There is also a certain peacefulness to her presence. She puts people at ease, with a measured approach and a sense of calm and humor. There is a sense of ease and enthusiasm and gratitude. Also, a love shines through.”

— Lisa, Pennsylvania

“What an insightful coaching session. I genuinely felt supported and guided throughout the process. I would have never discovered any of this on my own, plus it was easy given Mara’s gentle and relaxed coaching style. I would highly recommend Mara’s services if you are looking to deepen your mind/body connection.”

— Danielle, Pennsylvania

“Mara’s deep understanding and ability to meet you where you are produces incredible results. She’s an outstanding listener who can relate to your circumstances while staying empathetic, caring, compassionate and relatable. Her capability to recognize obstacles and commitment to devising strategies to overcome them has had a profound impact on my life.”

— Rocco, New Jersey