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Mara Wai, M.Ed. is a mind-body coach who supports her clients to align their attention and energy for healing, growth and self-transformation. With mindfulness and a range of mind-body awareness tools, her clients deepen awareness of inherent mind and body conditioning that exacerbates pain, prolongs suffering or is no longer resonant with what they want out of life. With awareness of old habits and practice of new skills, her clients come to experience greater ease in body, clarity in mind and an inherent sense of self-trust to discern what's best for themselves and take "just-right" actions. In addition to her work as a coach, Mara is the Associate Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness, where she oversees administration and facilitates Mindfulness-based Stress Management programs.



I want to share simple and powerful methods that can change your life.



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Feeling invites healing.


I have spent much of my adult life learning and practicing how to strengthen my ability to perceive my intuitive messages. I love helping others do the same.

Inner wisdom has helped me to maneuver through the grief and post-traumatic stress symptoms I experienced after my brother’s sudden and unexpected death. It steered me into an uncertain and unexpected career path. It helped me to navigate the process of dissolving chronic symptoms including depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. It helped me in my journey of becoming a mother through adoption. It helped me to heal relationships, skillfully maneuver the complexity of countless events, and gracefully relinquish what no longer served me well. I even used inner knowing to recover and heal from a back injury. I use it every day to navigate through life from a place of balance, clarity and presence.

With an impassioned desire to support others I became a mind-body coach to help connect people to their own inner knowing. I believe that we all have the capacity to know exactly what is best for ourselves.

Here are some more details about me.

In 1993, in a desperate search for relief from post traumatic stress symptoms after my brother’s sudden death, I ended up in a yoga class that altered my life course. I started practicing yoga and trained to teach yoga in 1998 through the Himalayan Institute which thoroughly grounded me in an awareness of the breath, body and mind connection. I taught yoga throughout my graduate school years and eventually delved deeper into mindfulness-based forms of meditation in 2005 when I began working with the Penn Program for Mindfulness. Since 2012 I have facilitated Mindfulness-based Stress Management programs for the Penn Program. In 2015, I completed Martha Beck’s Life Coach training and soon after was endorsed as a mind-body coach via Mind Body Coach University under the tutelage of Abigail Steidley. I completed Abigail’s advanced Magic Body Mastery coach training in 2018 and have joined her as an instructor in her 2019 Mind-Body Coach Training. I have a passion for exploring subtle energy teachings and completed advanced training in Integrative Energy Therapy and Reiki as well as level 2 energy reading with Beverly Belling. I continue to learn and explore subtle energy patterning with support and inspiration from Marcy Vaughn. My coaching work draws on this wealth of mind and body study and experiences, as well as my Quaker faith and practice. My life's work is to continue to awaken to my own inner knowing and to support others to do the same.