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Align your consciousness and energy for healing, growth and self-transformation.


When the unexpected happens (illness, injury, job loss, break up, death); when juggling the usual slew of things you reach a tipping point; when chugging along in the ordinary way triggers anxiety, dread or despair, it can be confusing, jarring, even painful. 

Unexpected events can feel like explosions that rock your world. Unwanted circumstances can trigger despair, hopelessness and numbness. Transitional times can evoke uncertainty about how to feel better, or where to seek support.

You may desperately search for the solution: you seek advice, Google, ask experts and try thing after thing. As your mind seeks, your body constricts.  You become overwhelmed by all the suggestions out there, none of which are quite the right fit for you. You feel helpless and become stuck.



There is another way.


It begins with awareness—turning attention towards your body and mind. 

Mind and body habits lurk below the surface of your awareness, and yet they drive much of your activity in the world. Thinking habits form into rigid beliefs that filter how you perceive and relate to the world around you. Feeling habits, especially uneasiness and discomfort, are avoided at all costs. You unconsciously suppress emotions to avoid feeling bad.

Limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions can impede your happiness, your ability to function, and even your sanity.  Simply becoming conscious of your mind and body habits unveils a power to change your life course. 

By becoming aware of your inner experience, a portal to change opens. 



I support my clients to become conscious of hidden mind-body habits, and to change them.


Whether you are suffering mentally, emotionally, or physically, I can help you to align your consciousness and energy for healing, growth and self-transformation. You can dissolve long-held mind-body habits that keep you stuck, and begin to feel more present, clear and trusting of your own inner guidance.

Cultivate a keen awareness of thought and belief patterns that limit you. Establish a steadfast ability to process and release stuck emotional energy. Liberate your life force energy and use it to fuel conscious action towards what is most important. Navigate via an innate guidance system that reveals your Truth in every moment. 

I support you to discover and move towards Truth.