Is this you?

  • You're busy, endlessly juggling competing demands.

  • Letting anything go seems impossible. It weighs you down.

  • You learned that working hard is how to succeed in life, and now find that this approach leads to physical, mental and emotional burnout.

  • You feel overwhelmed, irritable, restless or uneasy. These feelings eek out and impact your kids, partner and others, and it’s out of your control.

  • Your body is tense and uncomfortable.

  • You may have chronic symptoms: pain, depression, anxiety or other ongoing discomforts.

  • You feel stuck and don't know how to do life differently.

  • You put self-care last, if at all.



You’ve come to the right place.


As a mind-body coach I facilitate awareness of the mind-body connection—how mind effects body and vice versa— to help you discover relief, ease and clarity. Rather than simply trying to manage or mask your mind or body symptoms by ignoring or avoiding them, the mind-body approach involves healing the root cause of the issues by helping you to discover and begin to change your unique mind-body conditioning that has been learned and practiced repeatedly over the course of your life, so much so that it has become automatic and outside of your awareness.

Your conditioning includes the habitual ways you think and feel. Through the process of coaching, you become more conscious of automatic habits that don't support what you want in life. You learn and practice simple mind and body awareness techniques to support undoing old habits and creating new ones that are more aligned with what you want in life.



How will mind-body coaching help me?


Noticing is the first step towards change. By becoming a skillful and willing noticer of your body and mind, you become more adept at knowing what is best for you at every step along the way.

You become aware of the dynamic interplay of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that keep you stuck in habitual patterns of behavior.

  • You skillfully interpret your body's signals. You begin to trust your body's built-in YES and NO signals. The body never lies.

  • You become aware of deeply held beliefs that limit you from actualizing what you want in life. You gain clarity in how your mind habits support or hinder you from taking skillful actions, and practice and become more competent in believing thoughts that support you to move in the life direction you want.

  • You recognize and allow the expression and release of suppressed emotions and free up your creative energy flow. You learn how to use your life-force energy to propel you in the direction you choose.

By practicing simple mind-body techniques you experience greater ease, freedom and relief in body and mind. You learn to recognize and abide by your moment-by-moment inner leadings towards a life that is more purposeful and meaningful. You move into a way of being that is more aligned with what you want.