Creativity Birthing.

Have you ever felt like you're in some kind of a grieving process or going through some growing pains for no apparent reason? It's like this for me right now. A ton of emotional energy is moving within me. I'm also beginning to feel creative rumblings. I feel a longing. 

I have a strong conditioned belief that "I'm not a creative person". Ironically, I often have strong urges to create :). Sometimes these urges are quite strong and feel so uncomfortable and destabilizing that I suppress them and think they're an indication that something is wrong with me. I hold in the creative urge, not realizing that that's what it is, to the point that internal pressure builds and NEEDS an outlet!

Although I know this all too well, I easily and often forget how important it is to feel and allow emotional energy to move and flow. Luckily, I eventually remember. When I finally realize I'm suppressing emotions and take time to stop and feel, the pressure releases, the energy flows, and creative sparks flare! The other day I finally paused to feel, and whoa, what a relief! Energy flowed and creativity arose almost instantaneously. 

For whatever reason, lately my creative sparks are in the form of poetry. I've been experimenting with various forms, mostly cinquain, haiku, and prose. Inspired this morning during my pre-dawn meditation practice, this was born:

Night sky
Hidden life forms
Teeming, vibrating with
Song, earth and sky music for the

Day break
Dawning fire-lit
Sky bursting into view
Promising chances at being

Creativity is born of aligning attention, energy, space and the just-right constraints.

What are you longing to be/do/have? Feel free to share your creative rumblings here.

Feel your moving life-force energy, allow it to flow freely!

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