What's your go-to medicine?

I took yesterday and today off from work. Despite having the ever-present list of to-dos, I decided to ignore many of them. Instead, yesterday I took a long, slow walk along the river with one of my oldest, dearest friends who recently returned from overseas. We had a wonderful time, slowly strolling and catching up on each others' lives. It felt like medicine.

This morning after I dropped my son off at his camp, I drove to a nearby ecological trust. I meandered the trails, breathed fresh air, bathed in warm breezes and basked in growing and wild things. This, too, felt like medicine.   

Tomorrow I'm going on an annual, traditional camping trip with friends and our families. I spent much of today prepping food and sorting supplies and anticipating nights by the fire roasting marshmallows enjoying the moments. It ALREADY feels like medicine.

Maybe it's the triple dose of these medicinals— all in a row—that's causing me to feel the healing effects so profoundly. Maybe I just needed it bad. Whatever the case, I can't help but notice how each of these things made me feel a little healed.

Your medicine is awaiting you. Tiny doses of such medicine are cumulative. Regular doses of have steady, healing impact.

What feels like medicine to you? For some, it's writing, reading, being in nature, connection with friends or family, exercise, deep breathing, stand up comedy, cooking, dancing, gardening, and on and on.

Notice what feels healing for you. What tiny dose of medicine can you take today?

Feel free to share your medicine of choice (this kind of medicine can be shared freely, with no harmful side effects).

With healing, medicinal wishes,

Mara Wai