This is a time to cherish.

I'm becoming attuned and consistent in my physical practices: yoga, breathing and some other movement forms. I'm feeling physically stronger than the past two years since my back injury, and longer. Since half-consciously slipping into a more sedentary lifestyle. I'm regaining in strength and physical stability. I'm getting stronger from the inside.

This is a year of rebuilding my body awareness and presence, slowly and gradually. Skillfully. Without pushing or forcing. Feeling in, one moment at a time, listening and my body responding. JOY!

This is a year of fortifying and reconnecting to regular practice. Becoming more consistent, noticing how my body is beginning to crave it, how my mind is wonky without it, off-balance, unstable. This is a year of noticing how active and haphazard my mind can be at times, and noticing how it can be like that and not be a problem. How it is like that often.

This is a year of stabilizing. Laying the ground for what is yet to come and not yet known, sensing it will be something different and new.

This is a year to try new things, experiment, step into fear-based rumblings, risk failure and judgment.

This is a year to inquire, to keep leaning into what wants to happen next and next and next.

This is a year to look back and reflect on all the practice and skill-building of the past number of years and notice what is now part of me, what has become integrated and absorbed. This is a time to feel that and to honor that deep practice I committed to during this time, to notice all that I have learned and to be grateful.

This is a time to look ahead into the ginormous field of possibility, with a clear seeing. Senses open, poised on the moment that is arising.

This is a time to cherish, as it is now only for an instant.

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