Day 1.

Today is a day of completion.

Today, I became a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.  Receiving this gift of certification in the tradition of Martha Beck style coaching signifies the end of a process in which I learned, practiced and developed a level of expertise in "holding the space" for people and supporting them to become more fully themselves. Life Coach Training was a transformative experience for me, as I coached and was coached by dozens of wonderful people.

  • I examined my beliefs and helped others to examine theirs: we noticed what beliefs held us back and learned how to step outside of them to consider other possibilities that lead to what feels more like freedom.

  • I explored my emotions and helped others to explore theirs: we noticed how often our emotions are overlooked, avoided or unexpressed, and how that lends to suffering. We learned how to attune to the power and message of our emotions to support us to move towards what we want. 

  • I explored the deepest part of myself - underlying my thoughts and emotions - which I describe as my inner knowing.  And, I helped others to explore theirs: we noticed how our inner knowing always points towards our Truth, and how when we rest in our Truth there is what can be described as freedom, joy, expansiveness, aliveness.

Today is a day of renewal.

Today, this first day in May, is also a day of renewal. After I completed my certification, I went for a hike in Valley Green, a beautiful park right smack, dab in the middle of Philadelphia. It is very rare that I allow myself the freedom of a day off from work, chores and the various To Dos that I think I SHOULD be doing. I took my time, breathed fresh air and enjoyed the offerings that Spring has revealed.  I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity that I afforded myself.

Today is the beginning of a new chapter.

Today, is the first day of whatever comes next. I feel a sense of completion, and an excitement about how I will use my coaching skills in the months to come.  Today, I take steps towards whatever comes next.


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