Breaking the habit of being myself.

One full week post-hand break and I am continuing in the practice of being a Righty (right-handed), since my left hand - my dominant hand - is out of commission. A book on my shelf titled “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” (Dispenza, 2012) speaks volumes to me in those few words. In the repeated act of using my right hand to brush my teeth, type, eat, and essentially do everything else each day during this past week, I experience the discomfort and unease of the non-habituality of right-handedness. I am aware of how each action with my right hand is strengthening the habit of its use. I can almost feel my brain rewiring its circuitry and creating grooves for these actions to make them easier and more automatic. And, in subtle ways, it does feel like it’s getting easier. I’m feeling a teeny bit less resistant and more at home with the inconvenience of it. As stated in the book, 

“...change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, some inconvenience, a break from a predictable routine, and a period of not knowing.”

 The self awareness I have been gifted through meditation and mind-body practices are being put to good use during this time, helping me to notice the ways I can easily get stuck in upset, when I’m pushing myself too hard and when it all feels like too much and I need to let go and retreat.

Mara WaiComment