The universe has my attention.

I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences and that everything happens in perfect timing. My hand surgery is in 2 days. And, I found out yesterday my son also needs a surgery to correct a congenital problem. A jarring communication a few weeks ago that shook the walls of my boundaries, the hand break challenging my pace and schedule, and now learning that my son also needs a surgery, it seems that I am the recipient of less than gentle messages from the Universe catapulting me into a transformational life shift with all signs pointing to:

Everything non-essential can wait.

Sometimes I receive clear, sharp inner wisdom messages.  Last night I awoke from sleep with a message telling me to be present and in the flow of this shift and notice how and when I resist it by wanting to rush to the end, think ahead into the future and try to control it. I'm noticing an inner tug of war between doing and being as I cancel appointments in my calendar and make space for my recovery and my son’s needs. The Universe is directing me to Be, without question. 

I am being challenged to slow down and do less, messages I whole-heartedly espouse to others. Here I am receiving a hand-delivered opportunity to practice what I preach and what I believe. No does not seem like a wise choice. The Universe has my attention.

Mara WaiComment