Mind-body coaching with Mara will support you to:

  • Cultivate a fine-tuned ability to notice. Noticing is the first step towards change, and cultivating this skill affords you the ability to know what is best for you at every step along the way.
  • Become aware of the dynamic interplay of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that keep you stuck in habitual patterns of behavior. Specifically you will learn how to:
    • Interpret your body's signals. Your body sends you clear and distinct messages in the form of physical sensations that tell you how you are doing. You will begin to notice and trust your body's YES and NO signals. The body never lies.
    • Become aware of deeply held beliefs that may not be true and that are limiting your world view. You will become adept at noticing the habits of your own mind and gaining clarity in how they support or hinder your daily life experiences.
    • Recognize and allow the expression and release of suppressed emotions and free up your creative energy flow.
  • Experience greater ease, freedom and relief in body and mind. 
  • Become skillful with recognizing the inherent wisdom that comes through your body, mind and/or emotions as signals that are available in every moment.
  • Follow your moment-by-moment inner wisdom leadings by taking tiny steps in the life direction they reveal to you. In this way, you will move towards a way of being that is more aligned with what you want.
  • Consciously move towards your wants/dreams/goals with clarity and ease.
  • Recognize and rely on your inner-knowing.

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