Individual Coaching, Mentoring and Instruction

Mara supports you with deep listening, intuitive guidance and a compassionate presence.

Private coaching sessions via telephone from wherever you are.  One-hour sessions are self-directed or can include topic-oriented content (see package offerings below). 

1:1 Coaching Options.

  • Essential Mind-Body Practices: Cultivate greater awareness of your mind and body habits through a structured, developmental process. You will learn techniques to support you to feel and ground in your body, to notice unconscious mind habits and patterns, and to shift into new habits that support your healing journey. Personalized coaching will weave this developmental structure into your unique life circumstances. (recommendation: 6 sessions)

  • Personalized mindfulness instruction: Enhance your capacity to attend to your inner life and your outer world. I support you to strengthen and broaden your attentional capacity so it is more available when you need it most. Apply attentional practices to your life to become aware of unwanted behaviors, and to practice new ones that are more congruent with what matters most.

  • Exploring the Energy Body: Like a weather system, energy - in the form of emotions - moves through the terrain of our bodies, often arriving without warning. When we experience our inner energy extremes - be they highs or lows - we can be easily swept off our feet and react impulsively, often recoiling to avoid their intense, uncomfortable arisings. Through practice and exploration, increase awareness of your unique energy body habits and patterns. Develop the capacity to withstand and even embrace the most extreme, stormy emotions to blow through without getting knocked off balance. Learn to interpret the subtle wisdom messages emotions convey, and to trust them as they guide you along in your life path.


In-person and Tele-Coaching

  • single session = $85

  • 4 sessions = $320

  • 6 sessions = $450

  • 12 sessions = $840

Coaching sessions include customized practices and practical action-oriented invitations to support you in your journey. Email support is available for all multi-session packages at your discretion. I am available via email between Monday and Friday to support you along the way.

*Note:  Multiple-session packages are intended to help you create momentum in your life; sessions must be scheduled in advance and held within three months of purchase.

*Sliding scale options are available for people who have the desire for coaching, but not the finances. Contact Mara to discuss.

Have questions?  Schedule a complementary consultation.