Individual Coaching, Mentoring and Instruction

With deep listening, intuitive guidance and a stable, compassionate presence, Mara supports you to move towards ease, authenticity and aliveness with simple,  mind- and body-awareness practices to support you to:

  • Cultivate greater awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that keep you stuck in habitual patterns of behavior.
  • Recognize and allow the expression and release of suppressed emotions and free up your creative energy flow.
  • Connect to the wisdom that comes through your body, mind and emotions, and decipher the messages you receive in every moment.
  • Discern what it is like for you right NOW, and what wants to come into being.
  • Consciously move towards your wants/dreams/goals with clarity and ease.
  • Recognize and rely on your inner-knowing.

Private coaching sessions available in-person in Jenkintown, PA or via telephone from wherever you are.  One-hour sessions are self-directed or can include topic-oriented content(see package offerings below). 

1:1 Coaching Options

  • Customized Coaching: Self-direct your coaching sessions. Each session is uniquely tailored to address your as it is happening.
  • Introduction to Mind-Body Awareness: a 1-hour introductory session to orient you to simple, effective mind-body awareness exercises to enhance your connection with your innate mind-body wisdom.
  • Meditation Instruction: Learn and receive personalized guidance with basic meditation instruction. Receive 1:1 support with developing and sustaining daily practice. Learn to apply meditation and mindful-awareness practices to benefit you in everyday life situations.
  • Visioning Sessions: During a Visioning session, I hold space for you. I ask poignant questions to allow your vision for your life to rise to the surface, to be noticed and expressed and to unfold. Together, we uncover your bodymind wisdom to access the root of your vision, to get clear about what is most important and to feel into the path for it to be expressed, beginning with what wants to happen next.
  • Flow Sessions: In all life there is a natural cycle. There are periods where we are naturally creating, implementing and more engaged in "doing" in our life and in the world. At other times, we are more naturally integrating, digesting, resting and processing.  Each phase of this cycle naturally flows into the next and the cycles are continuous and ongoing throughout life. Flow sessions allow you to see more clearly where you are in the flow of a project, a situation or your life as a whole. Gaining awareness of where you are and what is happening NOW provides clarity about what would be supportive now and what can lead you to the next step, and then the next step, and the next step. Together, we will draw on your bodymind wisdom to see more clearly the steady and continuous flow of whatever is happening and move towards what comes next with ease and effortlessness.
  • Mindful Life-Design: Living Purposefully in Each Moment: a 4-week program that introduces simple mind- and body- awareness exercises and helps you to integrate them into your life to enhance awareness of unconscious behaviors, make more desirable choices, and live a life that is more aligned with what you want.


In-person and Tele-Coaching

  • initial session = $50
  • 1 session = $75
  • 3 sessions = $200
  • 4 sessions = $250

*Note:  Multiple-session packages are intended to help you create momentum in your life.  All sessions need to be scheduled in advance and held within three months of purchase.

*Sliding scale options are available for people who have the desire for coaching, but not the finances. Contact Mara to discuss.

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Group Coaching and Workshops

Group programs and workshops are topic oriented and include didactic instruction, interactive discussion and experiential practice of various mind- and body-awareness techniques. 

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Customized Programs

Mara facilitates workshops and customized programs by request for small and large audiences in-person in the Philadelphia area. Example content can include:

  • Introduction to Mind- and Body-awareness Tools
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Developing Intuition: applying practical tools in your life
  • Feeling the Body's Signals, Translating its Messages
  • Yoga and Deep Breathing

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