As you're going about life:

  • When something unexpected happens - like an, illness, injury, job loss, break up, divorce, death - OR
  • When you're juggling the usual slew of things and you gradually (or suddenly) realize IT's TOO MUCH, that you have hit your limit and reached your tipping point, OR
  • When you realize that you are bored and restless with how it is, and thoughts of chugging along in your ordinary way trigger anxiety, dread or despair... can be confusing, uncertain and painful. Maybe it's jarring, or feels like an explosion that rocks your world. Maybe it points out a numbness and sense of feeling disconnected with what matters. It can be difficult to know what to do to feel better, or where to start.

You may desperately quest to find THE solution. You seek advice, Google, ask experts. Perhaps overwhelmed by the wealth of suggestions out there, confused about how to apply them or none feel like the right fit, you just remain stuck.

There is another way.

Turn your attention inwards.

You have a built-in capacity to know what's best for YOU. 

Your mind has an inherent ability to seek out, categorize and decode the information that lands in your awareness. Your body naturally provides you with "truth or anxiety signals" that you experience via sense and feel. By tuning into and becoming skillful with noticing both your mind and body, you become masterful at translating the signals that reveal the most essential information for you in any circumstance. You begin to realize that you can navigate by an internal compass that reveals your Truth, and like a magnet, you begin to move towards it.

As a mind-body coach I help my clients to fine tune their noticing apparatus by cultivating awareness of sensation in the body, skillfulness in noticing habitual thought and belief patterns in the mind, and a keen ability to allow the energy of emotions to flow and inform their actions. 

I support you to discover and move towards your Truth.

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