What do you do when life as you know it falls apart?

  • All of a sudden something happens: an, illness, injury, job loss, break up, divorce, death. 


  • You're going about life as usual, juggling the slew of usual things when suddenly it all becomes TOO MUCH. You hit your limit. Tipping point reached. DONE.


  • You have a growing malaise or restlessness without any logical explanation. Thoughts of continuing in the same way you have been chugging along trigger anxiety, a feeling of dread or despair.

In all of these scenarios, it can be confusing, uncertain and utterly terrifying. It's hard to know where to even begin to know what to do.

You want desperately to fix it and make the problem go away. You seek advice, Google, ask the experts. But you're overwhelmed by the wealth of information or confused about how to apply it. Or, maybe none of the advice feels like the right fit. You have an unending flurry of questions, you feel stuck. You begin to despair. You will do anything to feel better. 

When you're in the thick of CHAOS, your body-minds want to protect you at all costs. it wants to get as far away from the suffering as possible. it's streaming with hormones that keep you on RED ALERT and your mind is on overdrive seeking solutions. It's easy to get stuck here.

Of course, this doesn't help you find relief or comfort. There is a better way.

Suffering is one of the greatest catalysts for change.

These ways of being are unsustainable. You can search for solutions, rack your brain trying to figure out some other way, but all-in-all, these methods don't work. Something needs to shift.

Turn your attention inward.

You have an innate capacity to know what's best for you that draws on both the brain's ability to code, organize and interpret thoughts and memories, and our body's ability to sense and feel. We all have this ability. But turning towards your inner wisdom can feel odd, or altogether impossible if you're not used to doing so. It requires a conscious shift, and it is different from what most of us are used to. It is an unlearning.

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

It requires turning your attention towards what is happening on the inside, as it is happening. Even when it feels like chaos. When you do this ESPECIALLY when it feels like your life is in chaos, it can make all the difference.

As a mind-body coach I help people to tune into their inner wisdom, by supporting them to feel sensations in their physical body, to become aware of and notice the movement and habitual thought patterns of their minds, and to allow the energy of their emotions to flow and inform their actions. Just as in strengthening a muscle: turning towards your inner knowing gets stronger with practice and repetition.

You begin to notice that you have an internal compass that you can rely on when everything around you is chaos.

When you practice noticing your inner experience consistently, you find that it supports you to live in a way that feels more grounded and steady. It always directs you to what is most true for you.

I have spent much of my adult life learning how to strengthen my ability to perceive my own intuitive messages and to help others to do the same. Inner knowing helped me to:

  • maneuver through the grief and posttraumatic stress symptoms I experienced after my brother’s unexpected death.
  • steer into an uncertain career path. 
  • slowly navigate through the process of dissolving chronic symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. 
  • continually plot the way while in the process of becoming a mother in an unconventional way. 
  • repair a damaged relationship, skillfully navigate the complexity of others, and to know when it was time to let go of people, places and things that no longer served me.

I even used my inner knowing more recently to recover and heal from a back injury. I use it every day to navigate through life from a place of balance and presence.

You aren't fundamentally changing the way you are with this approach to transformation. Rather, you are allowing the truth of who you are to be noticed, and in so doing, you are entering into a doorway for self-transformation.

I help men and women reconnect to their inner wisdom by helping them to become more aware of what's happening in their bodies and minds and how to interpret what they find, so that they can easily discern their best and most aligned action in any given moment. 

I am delighted to help you to reconnect to your inner wisdom, too.

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