For at least a week now, I've been noticing myself RAMPING UP.

  • It's a feeling in the body. A restlessness, an unease. An unsettledness, and a speediness. Zero to 100+.
  • It's a preoccupation in my mind: lots of thinking about things I need to do for the days/weeks/months/year ahead,  even after that. Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. About the scheduling, for myself, my son, my family. The obligations, the To Dos, the events. Ad nauseum.
  • It's layers of emotion. Anxiety, masking concern about how it will all fit in, masking worry about not-knowing, masking sadness about the summer coming to an end. It's all of that, all at once.

Ramping up happens to me at the end of every summer and on the heels of Fall. Sometimes it creeps in, sometimes it floods in.  I have come to know this. VERY well.

It effects my sleep, creates tension in my shoulders, neck, and jaw. I get crotchety, preoccupied. I get out of sorts.

Thank goodness for recognition. I've come to see Ramping Up as the normal transition to Fall. It's just part of the deal. Recognizing allows me to not get caught up in it and swept away by it.  It can be tricky, as I have formed a masterful habit of getting caught in Ramped Up for most of my life.  

Recognition is moments of awareness. I now catch myself in Ramped Up-edness. Recognition comes in moments, sometimes longer, after Ramped up has crept in and taken root. But now, I'm gaining some momentum and Ramping up is Ramping down with more ease. In moments.

What habits do you recognize creeping in? What do you catch?