When something unexpected happens
(e.g. an illness, injury, job loss, break up, divorce, death

When you're juggling the usual slew of things and reach a tipping point…

When chugging along in your ordinary way triggers anxiety, dread or despair...

...it can be confusing, uncertain, painful or even jarring.

  • Unexpected events can feel like an explosion that rocks your world.

  • Unwanted circumstances can trigger despair, hopelessness and disconnection from life.

  • In transitional times, it can be difficult to know what to do to feel better, or where to begin to find support.

  • Maybe you begin desperately searching to find THE solution.

  • You seek advice, Google and ask experts. You've try things to no avail. Your mind works overtime, continuing its seeking and searching. 

  • You become overwhelmed by the variety suggestions out there, confused about how to apply them. Maybe none feel quite like the right fit for you. 

  • You feel helpless, and remain stuck.

  • A veil of depression covers up your life force energy, and you can't figure out how to get back to yourself.  

There is another way.

It starts with conscious awareness - by becoming aware of your body and mind.

  • Your body and mind reveal clues about how you're doing and what's best for you in any given moment. We can practice noticing these clues and get quite skillful at it.

  • Your mind makes sense of the world. It categorizes and decodes the wealth of information that lands in your awareness. Your body signals YES or NO through sensation.

  • You can learn to notice and rely on your natural, inherent body-mind compass.  

By turning your attention towards your suffering, a doorway to change becomes available.

We all reach a point in our lives in which old, ingrained mind-body habits no longer support us. Our old mind-body habits lurk below the surface of our awareness, and yet they drive so much our ongoing behavior in the world. 

  • Thinking habits form into rigid beliefs that limit how we relate to the world around us.

  • Feeling habits, especially uneasiness and discomfort, are avoided at all costs. We suppress and ignore what feels bad!

By tuning into and becoming conscious of your mind and body, you begin to see hidden habits more clearly. You become aware of how particular situations habitually trigger thoughts, emotions and behaviors. You uncover patterns that play out in your life and relationships.  You wake up to how you relate to everything and everyone around you.

Awareness opens a portal to new possibilities.

Awareness is the first step towards change. I support my clients to become master noticers. Cultivate a keen awareness of sensation in your body and of habitual thought and belief patterns in your mind. Develop a steadfast ability to process stuck or buried emotional energy. Free up your life force energy and take conscious action towards what is most important. Learn how to navigate via an inner guidance system that reveals your Truth, and like a magnet, move towards it.

I support you to discover and move towards Truth.

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