Most of us have a deeply ingrained habit of seeking answers outside of ourselves by looking to "the experts" for their advice and evidence-based information. And there is no shortage of advice, nor of resources.

However, how do you know which is best and where to begin? It could seem as if the information and advice are coming in from all directions. You might be overwhelmed by the advice and or confused about how to apply it. Perhaps the information you receive contradicts what you believe. What then? You might have an unending flurry of questions arising in your mind that creates a feeling of stuckness. Or, maybe none of the advice feels like just the right fit for YOU.

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

If you reflect back on events in your life there are circumstances in which you just knew which way to go or what to do when faced with a significant life decision. Perhaps you had a gut feeling, or some sense of "yes" about a decision with outcomes yet unknown. Your decision might have defied logical reasoning, and yet, it screamed of YES.

Each of us has an innate capacity that informs our life movements. Many of us are preoccupied with managing the surface of life - our work/kids/family/other obligations - making sure that all of the things are managed and nothing falls through the cracks, that we simply do not notice or cannot access this valuable inner informative resource.

Turning towards your inner source of knowing is a conscious shift and different than what most of us are used to. It is an unlearning. It requires slowing down from the momentum of your life, turning your attention in the direction of your inner experience, and becoming aware of what is being revealed to you in the present moment. It requires taking your emotional experience - experienced in the body and often suppressed or ignored - into account as important information. When you do this, you will find that:

  • Your body provides a wealth of information about how you are doing. It speaks to you via the language of sensation.

  • Your mind also conveys information about your experience and reveals what is driving unwanted behavior patterns. It often overrides the body's language of sensation. 

  • At any given moment, your body/mind have wisdom messages at the ready that lie just beneath the surface of your life waiting to be noticed. Your mind and body - when working together -  will always point you to your TRUTH. It’s like having your own inner guidance system.

Reconnecting to this invaluable resource of inner knowing is a skill that anyone can learn. Most of us are more trained and practice in the language of logical reasoning. The language of the mindbody is sometimes beyond the bounds of logical reasoning, and often even our conscious awareness. Through the normal course of human development and acculturation we develop life habits that cause us to naturally turn away from our internal guidance system, which is anchored in the body and where our mindbody language can be accessed. We have learned to override it with "shoulds", "shouldn't" and ideals that we strive for that drive us to self-judge and self-pressure, endlessly.

As a mind-body coach I help people to reconnect to their inner wisdom, by supporting them to feel sensations in the physical body, to become aware of and to notice the movement and habitual thought patterns of mind, and to allow the energy of emotions to flow and inform their actions in any given moment. Just as in strengthening a muscle: turning towards your inner knowing gets stronger with practice and repetition. When you practice noticing your inner experience consistently, you find that it supports you to live in a way that feels more grounded, steady, and directs you to what is most true.

I have spent much of my adult life learning how to decipher inner awareness messages that are brimming with information in any moment about what is best for me. Inner knowing carried me as I figured out how to survive the grief and posttraumatic stress symptoms I experienced after my brother’s unexpected death. It led me as I navigated an uncertain career path. I turned to it over and over as I slowly learned to dissolve chronic symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. It continually pointed the way for me while I was in the process of becoming a mother in an unconventional way. It helped me to repair a damaged relationship, skillfully navigate others that are complex, and to know when it was time to let go of others that no longer served me. I even used my inner knowing more recently to recover and heal from a back injury. I use it every day to navigate through life from a place of balance.

You don't need to fundamentally change the way you are with this approach to transformation. Instead, you are allowing more of the truth of who you are to be noticed, and in so doing, you are entering into a doorway for self-transformation.

I help men and women reconnect to their inner wisdom by helping them to become more aware of what's happening in their bodies and minds and how to interpret what they find, so that they can easily discern their best and most aligned action in any given moment. 

I am delighted to help you to reconnect to your inherent wisdom, too.

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