• When the unexpected happens (illness, injury, job loss, break up, death)…

  • When juggling the usual slew of things you reach a tipping point…

  • When chugging along in the ordinary way triggers anxiety, dread or despair...

...it can be confusing, jarring, even painful.

  • Unexpected events can feel like explosions that rock your world.

  • Unwanted circumstances can trigger despair, hopelessness and numbness.

  • Transitional times can evoke uncertainty about how to feel better, or where to seek support.

  • Maybe you desperately search for THE solution.

  • You seek advice, Google and ask experts. You try thing after thing. Your mind seeks, your body constricts. 

  • You become overwhelmed by all the suggestions out there. None are quite the right fit for YOU. 

  • You feel helpless and become stuck.

  • A veil of depression covers your life force energy, you forget how to get back to yourself.  

There is another way.

It begins with awareness - turning attention towards your body and mind.

By becoming aware of your inner experience, a portal to change opens.

Mind and body habits lurk below the surface of your awareness, and yet they drive much of your activity in the world. 

  • Thinking habits form into rigid beliefs that filter how you perceive and relate to the world around you.

  • Feeling habits, especially uneasiness and discomfort, are avoided at all costs. You unconsciously suppress and avoid feeling bad.

You might have reached a point when limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions have impeded your happiness, your ability to function, and even your sanity.

Simply becoming conscious of your mind and body habits unveils a power to change your life course.

  • You become aware of circumstances that trigger thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

  • You uncover ongoing patterns that influence your relationships and behaviors.  

  • You wake up to how you relate to everything and everyone in your life.

Awareness is the first step towards transformation.

I support my clients to become conscious of these hidden habits, and to change them.

  • Cultivate a keen awareness of thought and belief patterns that limit you.

  • Establish a steadfast ability to process and release stuck emotional energy.

  • Liberate your life force energy and use it as fuel to take conscious action towards what is most important.

  • Navigate via an innate guidance system that reveals your Truth in every moment.

Whether you are suffering mentally, emotionally, or physically, I can help you to align your consciousness and energy for healing, growth and self-transformation. You can dissolve long-held mind-body habits that keep you stuck, and begin to feel more present, clear and trusting of your own inner guidance.

I support you to discover and move towards Truth.

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