Throughout the normal course of life...

  • When something unexpected happens - like an, illness, injury, job loss, break up, divorce, death - OR
  • When you're juggling the usual slew of things and you gradually (or suddenly) realize it's TOO MUCH, that you have hit your limit and reached your tipping point, OR
  • When you realize that you are bored and restless with how it is, and thoughts of chugging along in your ordinary way trigger anxiety, dread or despair... can be confusing, uncertain and painful. Maybe it's jarring. If something unexpected happesn in can feel like an explosion that rocks your world. Maybe you've been noticing a numbness and disconnectedness with life. Maybe you're noticing a veil of depression covering up something more essential within you that you can't figure out how to access. It can be difficult to know what to do to feel better, or where to begin.

You may have begun desperately searching to find THE solution. You seek advice, Google and ask experts. You've tried things to no avail. Your mind works overtime, continuing in its seeking and searching.  You may simply be overwhelmed by the wealth of disparate suggestions out there, confused about how to apply them or none feel quite like the right fit, and so you feel helpless, and remain stuck.

There is another way.

Turn your attention inwards.

You have a built-in capacity to know what's best for YOU. 

Although it's counter-intuitive, turning your attention towards what feels most uncomfortable is often a doorway into change. This is because your body and mind provide information about how you're doing and what's best for you, that whatever is "out there" doesn't address directly. Your mind seeks out, categorizes and decodes the wealth of information that lands in your awareness and your body inherently provides "truth or anxiety signals" that you experience as sensation. You can learn to listen to and rely on your natural, inherent body-mind wisdom.  

It is likely that you have learned and practiced some mind-body habits that no longer support you. Mind-body habits often lurk under the surface of our awareness, and drive our actions in the world. 

  • Some habits in thinking form into rigid beliefs that can limit how we relate to the world around us.
  • Some habits in body lend to uneasiness and discomfort that we avoid at all costs.

By tuning into and becoming skillful with noticing both your mind and body, you begin to see more clearly how you are right now. You become aware of how certain situations trigger thoughts that create a sense of unease or discomfort and drive you into undesirable behaviors. You begin to notice the patterns and how they play out in your life.  

By becoming aware of your inner mind-body workings, you can shift unwanted habits. As a mind-body coach I help my clients to fine tune their noticing apparatus to cultivate a keen awareness of sensation in the body, skillful noticing of habitual thought and belief patterns in the mind, and develop a calm and steady ability to allow the energy of emotions to inform more desirable actions. You can begin to navigate via an internal compass that reveals your Truth, and like a magnet, you begin to move towards it.


I support you to discover and move towards your Truth.

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